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‘Transformational Leaders’ – Laudi Abilama’s Exhibition at the Fullerton

02 Oct 2017

NUS Medicine announced that Assaad W. Razzouk, NUS Medicine International Council member, hosted and curated an art exhibition at the East Garden Gallery of the Fullerton Hotel from 3 to 8 September, featuring Lebanese artist Laudi Abilama’s new series especially created for this event, “Transformational Leaders.” The net proceeds from the sale of the artworks…

Harnessing Innovation in Public Health

02 Oct 2017

The Raffles Dialogue featured alongside Dr Heidi J. Larson’s, Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project, views on how vaccines play a vital if not life-saving role in healthcare. Take-up rates are far from ideal. Fogging to kill mosquitoes amid a Zika outbreak last year. Singapore’s response to the outbreak has been praised for its efficiency.…

Lancet Review of the Raffles Dialogue

29 Sep 2017

Dr Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of the Lancet—the internationally-acclaimed journal in medicine and health—reimagines the power in global health and the rebalancing of voice and influence in Asia where health reforms are providing a new model for the West.”

2nd Annual NIC Conference Post Event Report

18 Sep 2017

SINGAPORE, 4 SEPTEMBER 2017 – From 4 to 6 September, the NUS Medicine International Council hosted its 2nd annual conference themed “Human Well-Being and Security in 2030: The Critical Role of Innovation”. The conference, which was hosted in collaboration with the National University Health System and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, focused…

2nd Annual NUS Medicine International Council (NIC) Conference

15 Sep 2017

Entitled “Human Well-being and Security in 2030: The Critical Role of Innovation“, the 2nd annual NUS Medicine International Council (NIC) Conference tackled challenges central to sustainable and equitable human development, including mitigating the ill-effects of globalisation, dealing with climate change and the health of the planet as a whole, developing effective and relevant technologies through…